Studio Shah

Studio Shah designs and builds applications and websites that look beautiful and feel great to use. We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Check out some of our work below or contact [at] studioshah [dot] com.

Aviary Screenshot

“Studio Shah were wonderful partners in the process of creating Aviary’s website. Not only did they flawlessly execute on our vision for how our site should work, but they also made it look drop dead gorgeous to boot.

Studio Shah has that rare cross DNA understanding of how design and programming should work together that made it painless for our developers to wire up and fun for our users to experience.

Studio Shah was always on time with their delivery and had project organization down to a science, which is especially important for projects with distributed teams. We have never worked with another firm so good about communicating, delivering quality work and doing so on schedule.

A++++ would do business with again in a heartbeat.”

Avi Muchnick, CEO of Aviary

We helped Aviary with Information Architecture, User Experience, User Interface Design, and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript production for both their public website and community web application.

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CloudFlare Screenshot

“At CloudFlare we had a very tricky user interface challenge: making a product that was extremely technically complex simple and easy to use. We found Studio Shah very early on and long before we had our own in-house design team.

From the beginning, Maudie and Sumul took the time to fully understand our product, not just our requirements document. Throughout the process they were both creative in their suggestions on shaping the interface and also flexible to meet our technical requirements. They helped us better flesh out our own vision for the product and also contributed great suggestions of their own.

They obsessed over creating pixel-perfect, extremely clean designs always driven by what would deliver the best experience for our users. They were professional and prompt, delivering what they had promised within the timeframe we outlined.

The HTML, CSS, and JavaScript they created for us has served as a foundation that we have been able to build on as our product has developed and our internal design team has grown.

At previous companies, I have worked with other design contractors and have not had the best experiences. Because of that, I was the skeptic on the CloudFlare team when we were considering hiring Studio Shah. Today at CloudFlare we have an interface that our users rave about. Studio Shah was a critical part of building that. I recommend them highly.”

Matthew Prince, CEO of CloudFlare

We helped CloudFlare with User Experience, User Interface Design, and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript production for both their public website and their web application.

The Analytics screenshot above is one of many interfaces we designed and built for CloudFlare. It is rendered via JavaScript from raw data supplied by the server. The report is fully interactive and does not require Flash.

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Strategery Screenshot

Strategery is a world domination game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch designed and developed in partnership with Courtland Idstrom and Peter Ju. Strategery was named Best Strategy Game in the 2009 MacWorld App Gems Awards.

“There is no game I play on my iPhone more than Strategery.”
Lex Friedman, MacWorld

“My latest iPhone gaming habit is Strategery.”
Farhad Manjoo, Slate

“Strategery is a beautiful $2 Risk-like strategy game for the iPhone. Lots of fun and the gameplay has a great feel.”
John Gruber, Daring Fireball

We focused on User Experience and User Interface Design, and we helped out on some of the easier development tasks.

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RentJuice Screenshot

“Studio Shah was a great partner for our business. They really understood our vision, were accessible for phone calls and brainstorm sessions, and delivered fantastic designs on time. We could not have asked for a better design partner during the earliest days of our startup.”

David Vivero, CEO of RentJuice

We helped RentJuice with Logo Design, Information Architecture, User Experience, and User Interface Design for both their public website and their web application.

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PluginCars Screenshot

“Studio Shah are great web designers, but it goes way beyond that. They understand the interaction between users, technology and our business requirements. They are able to take a rough concept or challenge that we bring to them, and deliver an elegant, thoughtful and very usable design.”

Brad Berman, Editor of PluginCars

We helped PluginCars with Logo Design, Information Architecture, User Experience, and User Interface Design.

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